Dean Nimmer installs a 96 drawing mural into Nashville, TN, office.


Dean Nimmer, Boston based artist, shipped the Nashville client 300 drawings of which he chose over 100 to add to his collection.  Nimmer personally installed the 96 drawing mural shown above. Murals can be created in groups of 20 or more drawings, and include installation by the artist.

Nimmer has found much sucess with his 1,000 Drawing Series started in the mid ninties. Nimmer explains his work, “In a traditional sense, most of my work fits the art categories of “abstract” or “expressionist” painting. I prefer the phrase “intuition painting” because it is tied directly to the creative process itself. For me, intuition is the wellspring and inner voice that guides me though all the aesthetic decisions that go into my paintings. I prefer this blind creative exploration because I want to be surprised by the outcomes. Though my paintings are abstract images, I feel rooted in the intrinsic beauty of the natural world. Since I leave my works open to the viewer’s interpretations, I am interested in their impressions as this enriches my own artistic experience. The highest achievement I can attain however is to have my audience see something in my work that inspires them to create.”

Please contact Christina Neuman Godfrey regarding the work of Dean Nimmer.

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