Robert S. Neuman exhibits at The Court House Gallery, Ellsworth, ME

Robert S. Neuman, Pedazos del Mundo #5, Stone Lithograph

The Court House Gallery is including a selection of works by Robert S. Neuman in their exhibition, The Wingspread Legacy. The exhibition honors the Wingspread Gallery that had a forty year tenure on Main Street, Northeast Harbor, before being destroyed in the fire of 2008.

Opening Thursday July 29th, the exhibition will run through August 24th, 2010 at the Court House Gallery, Court Street, Ellsworth, ME. On display will be Neuman’s Ship to Paradise #4, Pedazos Del Mundo # 5 (pictured left), and Homage to Stravinsky, along with works by Aurelia “Thistle” Brown, Paul Rickert, Katherine Bell, Adele Seronde, Lynn Sage, and many others. The Court House Gallery produced a catalog to accompany the exhibition; please see for more information.

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