Personality Portraits by Laura Tryon Jennings

Jennings, Timeless             Jennings, Time Out

“The paintings of Laura Tryon Jennings speak of the energized, colorful, enchanting chaos that is life. Since acquiring our first painting in 1994, we now have six in our collection. We love the images with slightly distorted perspectives and curiously juxtaposed remnants of everyday life that seem to capture that split second in time before all hell breaks loose again.” – Bruce and Kathy Hornsby, Grammy Award-winning recording artist

Laura Tryon Jennings, recent inductee to Newbury Street’s Copley Society of Art in Boston, is an award-winning New England artist with a resume that boasts nationwide exhibitions and prominent collectors including, best selling author Mary Higgins Clark, Grammy award winning singer Bruce Hornsby, News reporter Joan Lunden, and Harvard University. An artist who can ingeniously play with light and darkness to reveal emotions, her paintings have been described as “psychologically interesting,” as well as “triumphantly intimate and extraordinary.” Whether through interior, landscape, figurative, or still life portraits, Jennings’ whimsical yet serious work combines modern and traditional approaches, with a personal twist, rendering simple and quiet images that belie lives and moments that are never quite still. Each intimate portrait brings the viewer on a journey that will evoke many feelings with a subtle innuendo playing out in each background pattern. 

Jennings accepts a limited number of commissions she refers to as “Personality Portraits” which focus on the subject’s within their surroundings and seize their true essence. These heirloom quality paintings offer a client the perfect opportunity to capture and preserve a precious setting and moment forever. For more information and details on Jennings’ work, visit her page on

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