Gallery Services 

Founded in 1975, the Sunne Savage Gallery is a multi-generational, woman-owned business that provides private and corporate art services. Our expertise includes art acquisition, appraisal, sales and commissions, and collection management.

Corporate services include collection and exhibition management. Our services place the dynamic world of modern and contemporary art at your fingertips. In addition to dealing with world-renowned masters, we take pride in promoting artists from New England; many of whom have striking and innovative aesthetics that make them eclectic standouts in the long arc of modern art.


Sunne Savage, Founder

Sunne Savage graduated from Lake Erie College, Painesville, Ohio, in 1966. After working for the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, she established the Sunne Savage Gallery on Newbury Street, Boston. For the past 35 years, she has traveled nationally and internationally researching artists and orchestrating private sales of 19th and 20th century European and American masterworks to private collectors. Utilizing her wealth of industry knowledge, Ms. Savage is the Gallery’s fine art appraiser. Ms. Savage additionally curates summer exhibitions of Maine modern masters in Northeast Harbor, Maine.

Currently, Sunne focuses on promoting the work of Robert S. Neuman. Sunne and Robert met in 1977 when he first exhibited at the Sunne Savage Gallery’s Newbury Street location. After a marriage of 36 years, Sunne represents the Estate of the Artist. In 2023 she finished the production of Pieces of the World, a 50-minute documentary about Neuman’s life and art.


Christina Godfrey, Director

Christina Godfrey graduated from Wheaton College, Norton, MA, in 2001. Christina reinstituted the Gallery’s corporate and contemporary aspects when she accepted an art relocation project with RSM, formerly known as McGladrey. Christina went on to curate exhibitions of emerging artists at the RSM Art Gallery for 18 years.

Currently, Christina co-curates the Mini Museum at Boston Children’s Hospital while also managing corporate art collections in the Boston area. Since joining the Sunne Savage Gallery in 2001, Christina has consistently turned new contacts into long-term clients through her creative and resourceful approach to project management and vast knowledge of regional artists.


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