Adobe Installation

you can not hideIn February, the Sunne Savage Gallery assisted Adobe Systems to procure two works of art for their New England Headquarters. The selected works were completed using Adobe Photoshop in the artist’s process.

You Can’t Hide (left) is an oil on canvas by John Gentile. Gentile, Italian born artist, began his career as a graphic designer in Milan, Italy. He moved to the Boston area in the late 1960’s and began painting full time in the early 1970’s. His most recent work combines collage, Adobe Photoshop, and painting. On canvas, Gentile paints fractured areas of magazine collage peeking through a layer of color applied in Photoshop. This technique allows the viewer to identify subjects in the collage, but only if they take the time to look between the abstraction. Gentile currently lives and works in Lynnfield, MA.2nd floor lobby 2

 Autumn (right) is a color photograph on vinyl by Carolyn Rochalski, teen participant at Artists for Humanity.      Teens in Artists for Humanity’s photography department have been developing a series of “kaleidoscopic” images. To create the work, participants shoot a variety of natural and architectural compositions, which they crop and recompose using Adobe Photoshop. The stunning results are large, high-resolution prints of complex forms built from a simple original image. Artists for Humanity’s mission is to bridge economic, racial and social divisions by providing underserved youth with paid employment in the arts. The non-profit organization is based in South Boston, MA.

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