John Bisbee: New Brands

bisbee3Pictured is John Bisbee working outside of his Brunswick, ME, studio. Bisbee has crafted dozens of brands to apply to wooden panels.  They are skillfully constructed as tiny sculptures, object d’arte, reminiscent of shapes seen in his celebrated work.

 Flames engulf the brand as it makes contact with the wood. Compositions, linear, organic, geometric, emerge intuitively from Bisbee’s mind. He is fascinated by the fire, smoke, and pattern.

The wood panels introduce a new element to Bisbee’s body of work, a drawing, a print, but still derived from his signature 12 inch nail. They also retain Bisbee’s dynamic exchange between industrial and organic, masculine and feminine, hard and soft. A video of Bisbee branding can be seen here,

 Images of eight brands can be seen on Please contact Christina Godfrey with inquiries.

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