John Gentile exhibits at Saatchi Gallery,England.

John Gentile exhibits Cargo, 2008, at Saatchi Gallery, King’s Road, London, England.


Image: Cargo, 2008, Oil on canvas, 68 x 68 inches

As stated at, “The Saatchi Gallery aims to provide an innovative forum for contemporary art, presenting work by largely unseen young artists or by international artists whose work has been rarely or never exhibited in the UK… The Gallery also includes a dedicated space for Saatchi Online artists to exhibit… The space features a rotating selection of winning Showdown artists chosen from Saatchi Online Magazine’s weekly critics’ picks and Showdown competition.“ Cargo, by John Gentile is a Showdown competition winner. Last fall, Cargo received votes from world wide visitors to the Saatchi Gallery’s website. After weeks of “showdown” and “head to head” competitions Cargo, the victor, was shipped to the Saatchi Gallery.  The painting is currently on exhibit thru the fall of 2009; Installation images of the exhibition can be seen at

John Gentile’s work can be categorized as abstract, but with a reference to realism. A painting begins with a sketch/collage of recent magazine and newspaper clippings; this allows Gentile “to portray the contemporary world as he sees it.”  A grid flowing spontaneously and freely over the surface is laid on top of the collage. John then translated the sketch to the canvas utilizing his drawing skill developed from years in the graphic design field. John states, “these lines, as they flow” over the canvas, “tell a story, a real story. You can look inside these lines and something realistic appears. You can stop and actually see what it is, then continue on,” following the grid, “and something else will appear. Looking at my paintings from a distance and the overall grid pattern is abstract, but look at them close up, and you can see very realistic forms inside. I would define my work as Hyper-Realistic Abstractions.’

 For more information on John Gentile’s work or to schedule a studio visit please contact the Gallery.

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