Home & Harbor extended through October 29th, 2010.

Home and Harbor 1Home and Harbor, exhibiting the works of artists Gillian Christy and John Vinton, is extended through October 29th.  The exhibition is presented by RSM McGladrey and curated by Christina Godfrey of the Sunne Savage Gallery.

 Gillian Christy creates free standing steel sculptures and reliefs in a public and residential scale, a selection of interior sculptures are exhibited in Home and Harbor. Inspired by common objects found in architecture, industry, and nature, Christy’s sculptures possess a hint of Americana as she reconstructs quilts, grain silos, wagon wheels, and weather vanes out of steel, bronze, and copper.

 John Vinton’s canvases are abstracted depictions of his travels. Home and Harbor exhibits a selection of canvases inspired by Cape Cod and coastal Maine. Through Vinton’s painterly approach he harnesses the essence of a location with gestural strokes of an oil stick, massive swipes of a palette knife, and sculptural mounds of paint.

 Home and Harbor is held at 80 City Square, Charlestown, MA. The gallery is open Monday through Friday 9am -5pm and is open by appointment. To make an appointment please contact Christina Godfrey (link to Gmail). Works by both Gillian Christy and John Vinton can be seen at sunnesavage.com

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